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Become Part of the Scenic Rim Wildlife Network

Connecting Scenic Rim habitats through wildlife corridors, working with local landholders to help native wildlife survive and thrive.

Native Tree Planting and Watering

Our core project is to restore and enhance low-altitude forests (which currently enjoy less protection than the tall mountain forests) in the central Scenic Rim to provide wildlife corridors

Citizen Science and Tracking

Join in on citizen-science monitoring of squirrel gliders and other wildlife populations to monitor success of the project

Zoom Workshop Regarding Upcoming Fauna Surveys:

Topic: Scenic Rim Wildlife Survey
Time: Jan 30, 2022 02:00 PM Brisbane

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 859 2800 2633

Glider Poles and Nest Boxes

We’re installing (at no cost to landholders) glider poles to enable gliders to glide between forest fragments, and nest boxes to enhance degraded habitats or regrowth .

What is a Wildlife Corridor?

For some background to our corridor project also please visit the Scenic Rim branch of Wildlife Queensland’s pages on the corridors project and why animals need to move.

Some Ways You Can Help:

  • Volunteer to have trees/shrubs planted on your property (at no cost to you, including fencing where necessary to separate plants from cattle)

  • Join in some of the physical work (on your land or elsewhere) such as planting and/or subsequent watering and weeding where necessary until they are established
  • Join in with citizen-science monitoring of numbers of squirrel gliders and other wildlife before establishment of corridors and in future years to check success of the project

Our Goal

Our goal is to work with local landholders, Scenic Rim Regional Council and others, enhancing habitat for the wildlife that share the land while not impacting the landowners’ lifestyles or livelihoods. Glider poles and wildlife corridors create bridges across areas of human development, with benefits to both people and animals (including cattle that need additional shade). This project is made possible through cooperation with Wildlife Preservation Society head branch (who have raised many for the current project), the Scenic Rim Council (who have funded past projects leading to this one and providing further assistance such as free trees and shrubs), the Community Environments Program (Department of Industry, Innovation and Science) who are sponsoring some of the current project, Energex (who are donating and erecting poles for gliders), local Landcare groups, Department of Transport and Main Roads, Healthy Waterways, community elders and others. The Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland, Scenic Rim Branch acknowledges the traditional owners of the Scenic Rim region, and wishes to acknowledge their important role in this project, and pay respects to their elders past, present and emerging .

About Us

The Scenic Rim Wildlife Corridor is a project by the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland, Scenic Rim Branch, in cooperation with local, state and federal government, and local landholders.

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